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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

Women Serving God through ministry to others.

The Women's Support Group is a vital part of Women's Ministry at Jerusalem Baptist Church. It is comprised of Christian Women who meet once a month for the purpose of serving God, supporting each other through prayer and friendship, and praying for the needs of others and our church. The group's aim is to share Christ's love to others in our church, as well as the community at large, through various ministry projects. It is open to all ladies in our church and community who want to become a part of this vital ministry.

Some of the Women's Ministry projects include the following:

Prayers and Squares: Another ministry spearheaded by the Women's Support Group is Prayers and Squares. Prayer quilts are made for anyone experiencing a physical, emotional or spiritual crisis who feels as if he/she can benefit from being "covered in prayer." The prayer quilts are brought before the congregation to be blessed and dedicated. These present tie knots in quilt threads as they pray for the individual and covet to keep that person in their daily prayers. Please scroll down and follow the link to fill out a form for a prayer quilt.

New Baby Ministry: When the Women's Support Group learns of a new baby in our church community, a visit is made to take a small baby gift and a brochure from our church to the new mother and baby.

Care Box: When there is a death in our church family, a care box is taken to the home where the family will be gathering. The box contains such supplies as a coffee pot, coffee, sugar, creamer, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc.
Christmas Stockings: At Christmas the ladies fill large stockings with appropriate gifts for shut-ins and folks in the nursing homes and deliver them.

Mother/Daughter Banquet: In the fall the ladies sponsor a Mother/Daughter banquet. A nice buffet meal is provided at no cost to the ladies. A devotion and program or entertainment follow the meal.

Festival of Tables: In the spring the Support Group sponsors a Festival of Tables. Ladies decorate tables according to their selected themes and invite people to come sit at their tables. A devotion and program or entertainment follows the meal. After expenses, all proceeds go to a designated need in the church.

The Women's Ministry is open to all ladies who love the Lord and want to be in service to Him and to others.

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